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Vancouver Furs General Chat's Journal
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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
1:54 pm
dance Mister Pipecleaner, dance!
The Pipecleaner Dance

Fun little toy. Click on the little keyboard keys and make him dance! :)
Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
2:52 pm
Terminology Question
Is 'Plushy' or possibly 'Plushie' another word for fursuiter?

One of my LJ friends has asked.

I'm now the resident furry expert among my friends, even though I don't know a heck of a lot.
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
9:18 am
Furry Spankings
Last night I went to Rascal's in my cat get-up, ears, tail, and paws. I was the only furry there; although, there was a woman who was dressed ... hmmm ... not exactly in leopardprint, more like ... Jungleprint. It was animalistic. I never got a chance to talk to her though.

I tied someone up and gave her a spanking. There was a lot of scratching and biting involved. Hee hee hee meow.

It was one of those evenings where several times somebody said something to me and I gave an adequate response, but then later thought of a much better response. Does that ever happen to you? Does it drive you a little nuts.

What they said: Nice ears.
What I said: Thank you.
What I wish I had said: All the better to hear you with my dear.

What they said: I like your tail.
What I said: Thank you.
What I wish I had said: I like yours too. I'll stroke yours if you stroke mine.

What they said: What kind of cat are you?
What I said: This might sound strange, but I don't think of myself as a cat. I think of myself as a human who has some animal qualities.
What I wish I had said: I'm the kind of cat that likes to Scratch - Mwreow!

Also, somewhat furry related, the Dungeon Monitor Coordinator was wearing a dress that made her look like Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid. It was cool.
Friday, December 9th, 2005
12:33 pm
Holiday Banquet this Weekend
Date: Saturday December 10, 2005

Time: 3pm to around 6pm

Place: ABC Country Restaurant 2350 Boundary Road, Burnaby at the
Accent Inn
Boundary Road near Lougheed Highway
under the name M. Meerkat.


Near Gilmore Skytrain Station exit station and head west along
Henning to Boundary and look for the big ABC and Accent Inn signs
just to the left of Henning and Boundary near the railroad tracks.


We have three dishes available for our banquet plus drinks and so on.

The main one we have is the Classic Turkey Dinner -Roasted Fresh and
Carved by Hand comes with stuffing, vegatables, cranberry sauce and
mashed potatoes $11.99

They're roasting several birds for us (sorry devlin sweetie:P)

as well...

Chicken Strips and Chips-juicy strips of golden fried chicken breast,
served with never ending french fries or salad and a dipping sauce


Cheddar Bacon Burger-With smoky bacon and canadian cheddar with a
choice of never-ending fries or a salad $8.99

Tentative plans...

3 pm -5pm food and talk and such

5pm Secret Santa (see below)

6pm or so door prizes awarded by Santa Paws!

Then off to my & kai's place for the rest of the meet or whatever
your plans are.

Here's how secret santa works, if you choose to participate and you
are definitely not forced to. Bring an unmarked gift (must be
wrapped) try to keep the price under $5.00 or so you can even wrap an
unused or appropriate furry gift from your home too. We'll put
participants names in a hat and then hopefully Santa Paws or someone
will pull out the names and you'l have a pick of the gifts. Trading
can happen but only after all the gifts are opened. *I have some extra
gifts for those who forget or aren't able to.

Door prizes! There will be two door prizes awarded near the end of
the festivities and this is open to all attendees at the banquet just
grab a ticket(free)when you come in from me -mArZi!

I'll have printed directions and details on how to get to my & kai's
place for those at the banquet. For those not going to the banquet get
ahold of me and I'll steer you to the right place.

63 Keefer Place, Vancouver buzzer code 4746 apartment 505
that's the tower on top of Tinseltown/International Village Mall just
a block from Stadium Skytrain Station.

There is no longer free parking for visitors under the mall (dumb new
rules)so if you drive expect to pay or find a spot outside. The do
enforce Toast got a ticket just the other day.

Rules of my and Kai's place(NOFA)

-NO sneaking in -secure building- surely you don't want me and my
neighbours to be put at risk. And come in in small groups big groups
freak the residents and concierge out ALOT.

-QUIET as in not talking above a whisper in the halls.

-No looking through cupboards or fridges or desks, if you need
something ask or it's not available.

-TRASH we don't want it cart it out yourself.

-shoes off and coats and bags put in the designated space.

-Careful around shelves, I know things can be tight but I have
delicate things in some places.

-if you move or look at something ...put it back and in the same
locations-if you can't do this just paws off then.

-Smoking on patio only go around not through sliding doors.

-Staying over is fine not able to supply much bedding though.

-Brunch will be sunday morning-ish at Ricky's near Stadium Station.

-Have fun responsibly.

Feel free to email me at shambalah @ hotmail.com for more details.

Can't wait to see you all there and happy holidays!

Current Mood: worried
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
4:52 pm
Holiday December Meet Dinner
Hi all you furry faces, scaled and feathered ones.

Finally I am able to post some initial details for the upcoming December Furmeet and Holiday Party.

This time it will be a bit different to help celebrate the holiday season and to help deal with the increasing numbers of participants at the meets.

Saturday December 10, 2005

Time : 3pm - 6pm (depends on how the restaurant feels at the time)

Place: ABC Country Restaurant 2350 Boundary Road
(at Accent Inn )
back of the restaurant under the name m. meerkat

This very close to the Holdom Skytrain Station on the Millennium Line

There will be a limited menu to help the restaurant staff deal with around 30 hungry furs with the primary meal being the Turkey Dinner but I am in the midst of negotiating other dishes for our
special menu and of course their usual selection drinks and desserts. (regular menu items will be available upon request but may have longer wait times.) average price $8 to $15 dollars plus drink and desserts and tip. so about $20 is not a bad number to suggest to have.

There will be a secret santa gift exchange at this time as well, so if you have not been to past year's events this is how it will work.... if you choose to participate and it's entirely optional you would bring a wrapped unmarked gift to exchange the retail value to not exceed much over $5.00 or so. You'd be surprised at what you can find at that price or something unused around your home works as well too. Then names are put in a hat to be drawn and gifts are picked or determined by this lottery with variations to be decided at that time.

Because we have the restaurant for a shorter period of time than a regular meet please try to show up at or close to 3pm after the event there will be a chance to break off into groups to do other things and to meet up at my and kai's place and others(hopefully some of you will offer up locations) for overnight partying and hanging out.

I will be posting more closer to the time of the event with further details.

And please if this doesn't work for you realize that I am trying to set things up for the majority and you can obviously privately speak to me on IM or through email shambalah(@)hotmail.com for concerns or to throw things. There will as there always is many other holiday events and parties happening all month so there'll be no need to feel left out. I'd like a good turnout though and have given the restaurant a figure of 30 attendees I will feel generous to some folks too. So don't veto your attendence straight away :)

Again watch for more details and don't spam the list with comments on this just talk to me.
(I only bite birds and foxes.)

-mArZiPaN!(the gerbil with soul)

Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
8:09 pm
Being a Furry is good for your Health
I wore my furry get-up to Rascals last Saturday. The get-up consists of cat ears, tail, and now paws as well. It was the first time that I've worn them outside of my girlfriend whimsicalzephyr's apartment, other than Halloween, but that doesn't count.

I felt comfortable wearing them to Rascals. I knew that I would be the only furry, but I also knew that really, I would be just another hue in a room full of colourful characters.

whimsicalzephyr lives a block and a half away from Rascals. Walking the block and a half to and from Rascals in the fog in my cat outfit was cool.

I'll probably wear them to the occasional BIO and maybe even to potlucks. They aren't really a fetish thing for me. I just like wearing them. They make me feel more like me.

whimsicalzephyr and her room mate cleanhead42 host a small get together every Monday night called Rope'n'Grope. It's for learning or practicing knots and ties and other miscellaneous BDSM things. It's meant to be educational, but the *occasional* scene does break out.

I was going to wear my cat stuff at Rope'n'Grope on Monday, but I didn't have an opportunity to put them on until the living room was already full of people. I felt that if I put them on at that point that it would look like I was trying to draw attention to myself. Kind of like - ta da, here's kitty!

That put me off a bit, so I waited until after R'n'G to cat out.

So, how is being a furry good for your health? Well, since I started being more catlike while in the costume, I've started to feel more cat-like even when I'm not wearing it.

One result of that is that I find myself more physically active. Yesterday, I ran for the Skytrain knowing that I probably wouldn't make it. I just wanted to run. When I got off the bus at Commercial and Venebles, I ran up the hill to whimsicalzephyr's place. I did a workout yesterday and the day before. I find myself wanting to break out whimsicalzephyr's yoga video. At Rascals, I spent most of my DM shift stretching.

Physical activity isn't something that comes naturally to me. I've always been more of a 'sit around and snicker at the power-walkers' kind of guy.

I like it though. I feel great. I hope it will last.

Saturday, November 12th, 2005
10:36 am
when did you first realize that you were a furry?
Hi there folks! And welcome to vfur-chat, the Livejournal community for furries in the general area of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Earth. :)

I thought I'd kick off the discussion with that proverbial question : when did you first realize you were a furry?

Myself, I was always heavily into anything involving animals, preferably talking animals. My mother read Alice in Wonderful/Through the Looking Glass to me as a very young child, as well as the Chronicles of Narnia. I imprinted on those pretty hard, as well as The Muppets, so the stage was certainly set for furdom. :)

But like a lot of people, I didn't realize I was "a furry" until I got onto the Internet and realized I was not alone. :)

BUt enough about lil ol me. How about you? How did you come to be a furry?
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